Resource Team

Resource Team

The faculty and other non-teaching staff members work towards creating a conducive environment to bring out the best in each individual by building awareness and respect for the tradition and culture of our country, and at the same time by building an equitable and sustainable society where the individual and nature is valued and respected. They are guided by the resource persons and noted educationists to move ahead along the righteous path. Our resource team develops and adapts the curricula based on established concepts, principles, theories and the recent trends and development.

Acharya Nagaraj. M (Dr) (America)

Suvranamukhi Samskrithi Dhama (R) Bengaluru.

Sri Badi Yaganeni

Roopantara- Centre for Learning, Bengaluru.

Dr. Kiran Kumar


Smt Amita Yaganeni

Roopantara- Centre for Learning, Bengaluru.

Sri Narayanappa

SP (Retd), Bengaluru.

Sri Ganesh Hegde

Executive Director, HPA Infratech, Bengaluru.

Dr. P. Narasaiah


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