• TSPS is located on an elevated serene and tranquil 9 Acres of sprawling campus amidst a picturesque and idyllic locale of lush greenery with a beautiful lake view with excellent infrastructures and organizational support.

Online School Management Software

  • TSPS is fully online i.e. with a simple click of a button you get updated with your child’s academic performance, attendance, health records and other relevant information.


  • 24X7 Security and CCTV surveillance.

Class Rooms

  • Classrooms are designed such that every student gets the teacher’s maximum individual attention. Large well ventilated classrooms with better natural light and good acoustics, fans and adequate lights ensure physical comfort for learning. The huge permanent board is placed at a vantage point for viewing. All rooms have bulletin boards to display and encourage creative, informative and academic endeavors of the learners. Shelves provide enough space for books, library books, learner-made objects and models. Classrooms will have white boards and stands for flip charts. The comfortable furniture adds to the ambience of the classroom.

Smart Class

  • The class rooms are converted to Smart class enabled class rooms, equipped with the State-of-the-art smart class Digital Teaching System, with integrated computer with interactive white board, UPS and green chalk board, a short projection system, all operating with a one touch operational switch panel.


  • The Science (Separate for Physics, Chemistry and Biology), Mathematics and Social science lab is well equipped to enable the Students to do their practical work through experiments to understand the concept that are taught in the class which enables the Student to verify and validate their hypothesis on various aspects on learning.

Computer Lab

  • Computer Education is part of the curriculum. Here, emphasis is on concept formation rather than merely providing information. The School has a Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) lab with computers linked through a dedicated hi-speed internet connection.
  • Ear phones have been made available to learn English Language. The program has been structured to develop pronunciation, vocabulary and semantics of speech in an environment that is devoid of regional influences and strong emphasis on key learning areas of study skills, listening, grammar, speaking, reading, writing, etc.,
  • It enables the students to improvise on their English for an active conversation and confidently communicate their views.
  • Tab lab facility provides an interactive learning experience to children.


  • The digitized library which is the main resource center for the students with a treasure trove of books ranging from encyclopedias, reference books, fiction, biographies to books that delineate technical information provides a supportive and nurturing environment in building knowledge bank for students. Leading journals, magazines and daily newspapers are available. Further, library will have a collection of CD-ROMs and DVDs to supplement the book collection. Junior library with numerous fun titles caters to the Primary School student’s requirements. Apart from the main library, the reading books and in-class libraries is provided in every class room.

Teacher’s Resource Centre

  • TSPS is having a separate Reading materials for Teachers.

Audio-Visual Room

  • There will be an AV room which will be used by the faculty and students to avail the benefits of latest multimedia facilities. This room with LCD projectors helps to watch documentaries, presentations. The content has been carefully selected incorporated with best animations, videos and illustrations.
    This will also provide a grand ambiance for small group discussions with parents, students, lecturers, invited speakers and for seminars/workshops.

Performance Art Studio

  • The Performance arts studio enables the Students to find a new meaning of expression in an environment that challenges them to develop their artistic senses.

Visual Art Studio

  • This room facilitates the Students to undertake various visual arts activities and a place to explore their spatial and bodily kinesthetic intelligence.


  • TSPS is having Gardening area, Sand pit area, children’s play area and playground with sports facilities for Basket ball, Throw ball, Volley ball and athletics

Fire Safety

Drinking Water Facility

Activity Center

Children’s Playing Equipment

Parents and Teachers Meeting Area

  • TSPS believes that involvement of parents in education lies at the heart of the learning process. Together, teachers and parents can create a harmonious school life for the child. Teachers are available for individual consultation after school by prior appointment to give parents the opportunity to discuss academic, personal and social developments of their wards. TSPS is having a separate Parent-Teacher meeting area.

Health Club & Indoor Sports

  • Aerobics and Yoga will be taught and provision for indoor sports like Chess, Table tennis, Carom, Juggling Balls, Rubik’s Cube, etc., is made.


  • Counseling service is available for the entire student body. Students will be referred by a Parent, Teacher or the School Principal.

SMS Alerts

  • Parents are get updated with latest changes and happenings at School through SMS, from your child’s attendances to bus timings to changes in schedule.


  • Transportation facility is being provided only on a to-and-fro basis.
  • Each vehicle is accompanied by a lady attendant. Once the transportation facility is availed, it should be continued till the end of the academic year.
  • Transportation Fee will be charged for 11 months in an academic year irrespective of unexpected leave/holidays.
  • Multi-route safe and secure transport facilities with lady attendant to-and-fro from the school to all parts of Heggadadevanakote town and taluk.
  • Our buses are well equipped with GPRS devices, enabling parents to track buses and receive SMS alerts when their child is reaching his/her location.
  • Children should be present at the respective designated stops at the prescribed time for pick up in order to ensure punctuality. The vehicle will not wait for Student / Students at any cost and absence of Student at the prescribed time is deemed to be treated as absent from School on that particular day.
  • The parent/Guardian has to be present at the respective designated stops to receive the child after the School hours failing which the child will be brought back to the School. In such case, the parents/Guardian will be informed and parents/Guardian has to come to School to take possession of their ward.
  • Parents are requested to give prior intimation to School if they wish to make an alternate arrangement on any particular day

Health Centre

  • The health Centre is the place to serve Students and staffs needs. It treats minor injuries, provides first aid and maintains Student’s health records. Nursing personnel will be present during School hours.

Active on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

  • Parents can update themselves on the latest happenings of the school through any of our Social sites.

Teacher’s Resource Centre

  • TSPS is having a separate Reading materials for Teachers.

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